A tummy tuck is a major procedure that requires general anaesthetic and works to tighten the abdominal walls while removing loose skin and excess soft tissue.

Since it is an invasive procedure, it’s important to plan ahead and knowing when is the best time to schedule your surgery is one way to do that.

The Best Time to Schedule Your Tummy Tuck

Below are some guidelines that will help you decide whether it’s the right time to schedule your tummy tuck.

Consider future pregnancies

The abdominal wall muscles are placed under immense tension during pregnancy or significant weight fluctuations, which results in a gap forming between the rectus muscles – it’s this separation that creates the stomach’s rounded appearance. These muscles are repaired during a tummy tuck and while you can still have a full, healthy pregnancy after a tummy tuck, it’s generally best to wait until you are sure that there won’t be any further pregnancies. The reason for this is that soft tissue, stretch marks and redundant skin can affect the anaesthetic results during your procedure.

Have you reached a healthy weight?

The visceral fat that is associated with weight gain is what’s linked to chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. A tummy tuck doesn’t address this type of fat, which means that it can affect the results of your abdominoplasty procedure at Plastic Surgery Adelaide if you haven’t reached a healthy weight that you’re able to maintain. Your BMI should be 25 or less to qualify for a tummy tuck as this lowers the risk of complications and will enhance your results.

Be prepared for the recovery period

A tummy tuck is an extensive procedure that works on the underlying muscle, which means you need to be prepared for the recovery period before you schedule your surgery. You will need to take it very easy for 6 weeks after your surgery to avoid complications. This means that you will need to make arrangements to have someone assist you at home, particularly if you have kids. You won’t be able to do any heavy lifting and you will need a lot of rest during the first week, which means you won’t be able to prepare meals or drive anywhere. You will also need to take a significant amount of time off of work.

The time of year is entirely up to you

You may have read that it’s best to schedule your tummy tuck in the fall or winter when your compression garment won’t feel as hot to wear but other patients say that because they can wear lighter clothing in spring and summer, it makes recovery easier. When you schedule your surgery is also dependent on whether you’re planning for an upcoming vacation. Basically, it’s really all about personal preference and your own schedule.

Tummy tucks are one procedure that can produce dramatic results but it does help to plan for a surgery of this nature to achieve the best results.

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