Today, more and more people are looking out for the best tooth whitening options to get a brighter and whiter smile than ever. After all, a gorgeous smile is one of the key aspects of a gorgeous personality!

How do your teeth stain?

Well, there are basically two kinds of stains responsible for causing discoloration, intrinsic stains and extrinsic strains. Intrinsic stains develop inside tooth enamel and can be caused due to the mother’s antibiotic use during pregnancy or exposure to fluoride during childhood.

On the other hand, extrinsic stains are mostly caused due to drinking beverages like coffee and tea. It can even be caused due to the overuse of tobacco. So, the best thing to do is to visit a dentist and let them determine what type of stains that you have. They will also help you to decide which teeth whitening option can help you in achieving whiter teeth and a stunning smile all over again!

From whitening toothpastes to whitening techniques in dentist’s office, there are indeed many ways to brighten and whiten up your teeth. Mostly all of the techniques work in one of the following ways.

Some of the most common teeth whitening procedures

  • Bleaching procedures

These types of procedures change the natural colour of your tooth up to 5-7 shades brighter. Both, the in-office as well as at-home whitening techniques rely on bleaching. Bleach contains an active ingredient called hydrogen peroxide in the concentrations of around 10 to 22%. It helps to remove the surface and deep stains.

This kind of procedure removes the surface stains by chemical or/and physical action. Mostly all the toothpastes rely on some mild abrasion to remove the surface stains in between the dental visits.

These types of toothpastes have some exclusive polishing and chemical agents offering additional stain removal. The best way is to opt for professional cleaning by hygienist or dentist that uses polishing and abrasion, in order to remove even the most stubborn external staining that is likely caused by tobacco and food.

It is always the best idea to ask your dentist about which type of technique will work for you. They have sufficient experience and expertise to suggest you the one that will give you best results.

Everyone may respond differently to different types of whitening procedures. Make sure to see your dentist and know how you can get the smile you always wanted!

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