The last couple of decades have seen an enormous rise in plastic surgery in both the genders. Most of the men go for liposuction, eyelid surgery, facelift, nose surgery, and male breast reduction. Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is more famous among women but recent statistics show the numbers of males are changing very fast. Although the body goals of both the genders are different, both can have the extreme advantages with the vast options of procedures offered, such as liposuction, calf implants, abdominoplasty, pectoral implants etc.

An increasing number of men are choosing plastic surgery for various reasons but as the age advances, they feel more threatened and feel difficult to compete especially in jobs with younger men. Some life events such as divorce or settling in a new city also can be a big factor for going under the knife. Here are some of the plastic surgery procedures popular among men:

Abdominoplasty: Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is one the most popular procedures among males. When very heavy men lose weight, their skin becomes loose and they want to get rid of that. Tummy tuck procedure is extremely helpful to get rid of that extra skin by tightening the stomach muscles and their waist also will look slim. Undergoing this surgery is not an easy and quick job as it may take weeks to lead a normal life. However, under the supervision of Dr. Michael Miroshnik you will recover very fast due to the quality care he provides.

Liposuction for Males: Men work hard to maintain trim physique, broad shoulders, a slender hip-thigh area and solid abs. Although many men take extra care to stay fit throughout their life but still they may grow some extra fat in the breast area, around the waist, and abdomen. Some men, in the aging process may gain weight around their neck and at the chin. Lots of exercise and diet also do not give the satisfactory results. Liposuction can prove a great help to reduce weight at those areas.

Pectoral Implants: Pectoral muscles are very popular among men especially celebrities build pectoral muscles to look more macho. In order to gain pectoral muscles they do lots of weight lifting and take various supplements which sometimes fail to give desired results. With pectoral implants their muscles look larger and shaped.

Calf Implants: Just like pectoral muscles, many men go for calf implants. They come in different shapes and sizes to achieve perfect look. These implants are made using solid silicone which looks like natural muscles. No fluid or gel is used in the procedure, so there are no chances of tear or leakage. With calf augmentation you can succeed in getting perfectly shaped legs. Other than getting cosmetic satisfaction, some men may go for it to correct unevenness caused by clubfoot surgery or some type of infection.

There are many options in any kind of plastic surgery and only an experienced surgeon can suggest you what will be better for you. Dr. Michael Miroshnik is one of the best surgeons in this line and you can get more information by visiting his website.

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