When you schedule your rhinoplasty procedure, your main aim is generally to restore balance or improve your breathing by altering the size and shape of your nose.

However, if you’re dealing with an inexperienced surgeon or if you don’t follow the necessary aftercare instructions, you could end up with undesirable results and complications. Unrealistic expectations on the patient’s end is also a factor that plays a role in the outcome of your surgery.

It can be incredibly frustrating to go through the entire rhinoplasty journey, only to end up with unsatisfactory results. If you’re not happy with the nose you’re seeing in the mirror after your surgery, here are 4 signs it might be time to schedule revision rhinoplasty.

  • Signs Revision Rhinoplasty Might Be Necessary
  1. You’re unhappy with the results after a year

It’s not uncommon for your nose to still be swollen after you’re meant to be fully healed. In some cases, the swelling may only dissipate after 12 months. If a year has passed and you’re still not happy with your results, it’s probably time to schedule a consultation with a new surgeon to discuss your revision rhinoplasty options. Keep in mind that there are a few factors that will determine the results of your revision procedure though. You can schedule a consultation with a qualified rhinoplasty surgeon here: https://www.drpeterlaniewski.com.au/procedures/face/rhinoplasty/

  1. You’re having trouble breathing

There is a chance that you will experience some breathing difficulties immediately after your surgery due to the swelling. However, if several months of passed and you’re still experiencing breathing difficulties, scar tissue and poorly healed nasal structures could be the culprits. There is also a chance that your surgeon was considering septoplasty during your consultation but it was never performed during your rhinoplasty procedure. The back of the septum, as well as the turbinate, can create breathing problems and patients have the option of septoplasty or revision septorhinoplasty as a way to restore their breathing to normal.

  1. Your features don’t look balanced

Rhinoplasty is certainly an art because it requires your surgeon to be able to correctly balance your facial features. In some cases, patients may feel that there isn’t much of a difference to their appearance after their rhinoplasty, while others end up with results that made their facial asymmetry worse. If you’re looking for more or less of an enhancement, revision rhinoplasty will be necessary. It’s important to remember that you should wait a full year before deciding on a revision procedure to give the swelling time to subside. Sometimes touch-up procedures are possible depending on the rate of healing as well as any internal scarring.

  1. Your appearance is too feminine or masculine

The quality of your rhinoplasty results is exceptionally important because certain nose shapes and sizes can give you an overly feminine or masculine appearance, which is not desirable in some cases. Revision rhinoplasty can correct the nose by reshaping it to be more aligned with your facial features and your gender.

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