Oatmeal is by far the most classic breakfast for those who lead healthy life. You can sprinkle it with some nuts and fruit or add spices and vegetables if you fancy a savory meal in the morning. However, not everyone knows why oatmeal is such a nice base. It’s not only the taste or availability, there is quite a list of benefits oats can provide your body with.

Oatmeal Helps with Weight/Fat Loss

Among all the macro- and micronutrients, oats are famous for their fiber content, about 4g per a bowl. If you’re leading a healthy life, you know how important it is for the processes in our body. It improves satiety of your meal so you don’t want to eat an elephant an hour after your breakfast. Oats contain both insoluble and soluble fiber, helping improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels and aiding digestion.

Also, the same bowl of oatmeal will provide you with about 6g protein, and if you add some nuts or nut butter to it, the amount will rise. It’s important for building muscle and improving metabolism, as protein is more difficult to break down and digest.

Oatmeal Has an Anti-Inflammatory Effect

There’s a kind of antioxidants called avenanthramides that help reduce inflammations and itching. Guess what, these antioxidants can only be found in oatmeal (naturally). Besides, they may aid in prevention of colon cancer, skin conditions, and heart disease. Some studies have also shown the possibility of its part in balancing blood pressure.

Oatmeal Doesn’t Contain Gluten

Usually, oatmeal doesn’t contain gluten, so you don’t have to worry about your gluten-intolerance if you have it. However, remember that some equipment used for the creation of the oats of your choice may also be used to process grains, so some gluten may be present after all. To know for sure, choose reliable companies and read the labels on your oats carefully. By the rules, they must contain all information consumers might need to know, including whether there might be some gluten or other substances.

Oatmeal is Full of Micronutrients

Oats might be famous for the fiber they contain, but don’t forget about all the micros it will provide you with. Some of the nutrients in your morning oatmeal bowl include iron, thiamine, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, and many others.

Oatmeal Fits a Variety of Meal Ideas

If you have a sweet tooth, oatmeal will fit perfectly with some fresh fruit and yogurt, dry fruit and nuts, nut butter, honey, etc. In case you like savory food, get creative and add your favorite spices and herbs to your oats, as well as some fresh or sautéed vegetables, eggs, etc. If you’re into pancakes or puddings, use oats as the base for them.

Oatmeal is favored by most people who care about what they eat and now you can see why. It provides you with lots of beneficial nutrients, helps digestion and weight loss, and it’s delicious! So next time when thinking of what to eat for breakfast, remember that oatmeal is morning’s best friend, choose a trustworthy label that will provide you with high quality and reasonable price, and get your fantasy in.

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