For the uninitiated, superfoods refer to a category of foods that are high on nutrients and antioxidants. While superfoods should be a part of balanced diet, superfoods are often expensive. In this post, we take a look at the top five fitness superfoods and what makes them so popular.

  1. Known for both taste and the ways it can be used in recipes, avocados are rich in various vitamins. It also contains considerable amount of Omega 3s and folic acid, besides fibre and magnesium. Avocados are known for being helpful in preventing heart disease and can be consumed in variety of ways. You can also create a brunch of guacamole bread with avocado for that fitness meal.
  2. Sardines are known for promoting heart and skin health. High on calcium and low on calories, sardines are also great for boosting immune and are considered one of the best fitness foods. Being cheap, you can have sardines every single day, often on toast with pickled red onion. Sardines can be grilled, specially if on a keto diet.
  3. While mangoes are high on calories, you also get enough carbohydrate to fuel your workouts. With numerous vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, mangoes are great for regular consumption, although this is a seasonal fruit. If raw or ripe mango is not your thing, chicken mango salad is a good choice, and you can have it as a part of your fitness diet.
  4. Many may not know but quinoa is basically a seed and not a grain. This is one option that works great for people on a diet, because it not only contains essential amino acids but is high on protein and is fulfilling too. Quinoa is considered to be a complex carb, so you can control your diet easily.
  5. Sweet potato. While the sweet potato is high on carb, it also contains essential minerals, antioxidants and potassium. Experts agree that sweet potato is great for improving digestion and works well for muscle recovery, making it an ideal superfood, and yes, it is not expensive either. If you like to grow your own veggies, this is what you need. In terms of recipes, you can try shepherd’s pie, which is easy to cook.

Try all of these five superfoods, which are great for fitness and will remain in trend, because the nutritional contents have been verified, and none of these are expensive to include in your diet.

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