Laser and lightweight therapy for acne skin treatment methods are a comparatively new treatment form for acne. Such treatment was thanks to Tappeiner and Jodlbaurin in regards to a century ago in 1904. They pioneered using light to inactivate dye labeled bacteria via photodynamic reactions.

Dermatologists have noted for an very lengthy time that sunlight confirms benefits in treating certain skin illnesses, however it was unclear which wavelengths were responsible. This obviously has altered.

The job pioneered in 1904 has since been utilized as a practical acne remedy targeting certain porphyrins at certain wavelengths causing inactivation from the bacteria (p.acnes) thought partially responsible to add mass to acne.

How can this be important? Well, first of all laser hair removal continues to be proven to become competitive with antibiotics without the negative effects. Clearly this really is not so good news for pharmaceutical companies, however a boon for all of us within this chronilogical age of microbial potential to deal with antibiotics.

There are lots of models targeting these porphyrins, plus they target differing wavelengths between 400-1200nm. Light box therapy for acne skin treatment has been created achievable because of several key developments in technology: A) pulsed wave mode technology B) heat energy deposition to lesion C) wave length, place size and pulse width optimization.

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