Over the years, many people have found that the key to staying on program around the holidays is to find a middle of the road approach that allows you to enjoy all the food, fun and festivities the season brings without falling into a sugar coma.   One dieter says she makes a point of gifting herself a new set of work out gear, but doesn’t wear it until the day after Thanksgiving.  Then, with the intention of being mindful about everything there is to be thankful for, she takes pleasure in the small portions she eats during the big meal.  And savors a taste of her favorite desserts prepared by the loving hands of her grandmother.  The next morning, she makes herself a protein drink and goes for a long run.

Only then does she don her new Athleta workout gear.  And since she saves every time she shops Athleta with Groupon codes, she has even more to be thankful for.  Athleta might be more expensive than the big box brands, but the quality more than makes up for the price.  After a few washings of a cheaper brand, users find they don’t hold their shape or their value like Athleta. The money you save by using a Groupon code – which could be as much as 50% means you can get more items and more value for your money.

Nutritionist say it’s important to keep things in perspective when the holidays roll around.  Rather than follow others down the path of overindulging in sugary sweets, lead the way to healthy thinking, eating, and drinking.

If everyone is asked to bring a side dish to contribute to the Thanksgiving dinner, bring a platter full of roasted root veggies for everyone to try.  One blogger said when she walked around the house serving roasted parsnips, rutabagas and beets fresh out the oven a steaming platter, folks followed her like she was the Pied Piper.  Many of the guests had never heard of parsnips and rutabagas or had never tasted them.  They went so fast, the next day she was asked to make more.

Make sure there’s plenty of water available to drink.  Set up a water bar like one mother did.  She knew her daughter had become a vegan and wanted to limit her liquid intake for the time being to water.  To show her support for her daughter, not only did she set up a pretty display of a variety of waters – Perrier, Voss, spring water, sparkling water, etc. it was a big topic of discussion –  everyone drank more water than sweet tea.


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