Not everyone is blessed with the perfect smile. Thanks to dental science, you don’t have to deal with smile issues anymore. There are endless procedures and treatments that can help in bettering the appearance of your teeth. If you are in Costa Rica, there are some good dental clinics that you can visit for smile makeovers. In this post, we will discuss aspects that matter in selecting dental facility, but before that, let’s understand smile makeovers better.

What’s smile makeover?

As you can guess by the name, smile makeover is all about improving your smile. It’s basically a list of different procedures that are combined in a package for the best results. A typical package with known clinics like Advance Dental Clinic will include use of porcelain veneers, a session of dental whitening (also known as dental bleaching), a session of teeth cleaning and a free consultation appointment. Costa Rica is quite popular for dental treatments, mainly because the prices are pretty cheap as compared to some of the developed countries of the world. So, you will also find packages for visitors and international tourists, where stay, breakfast and few other facilities will be included in the price. You may also get transfers from and to the airport.

Selecting a clinic

While smile makeover packages may seem lucrative, you should be careful about choosing a clinic. First things first, do not choose a clinic for the price or discount. You need to know the expertise of the dentists and dental surgeons working with the clinic and whether they have a good name in their area. For this, you can check the reviews of the concerned dental clinic online on many sites. Most patients will also leave comments on the direct portal of the clinic. Secondly, check the kind of procedures and facilities they offer. This is particularly important, if you are considering other kinds of dental procedures. Thirdly, make sure that you check the costs in detail. The package should be inclusive of all costs and expenses. You can check a few good packages at

When it comes to dental clinics, nothing matters more than the experience of the dentist. You can check online to find more about the concerned dentist/surgeon, and if you are an international guest in Costa Rica, you can also choose to email the preferred clinic for more details on the procedure along with your relevant questions.


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