Nootropics are in the market as smart drugs. They work on various parts of the brain and impact the neurotransmitters in order to create effects like increasing attention and focus, boosting memory, relieving anxiety, boosting cognition as well as increasing motivation.

Combining compatible nootropic compounds eliminates the negative effects of the drugs, therefore offering maximum benefits. However, it is not recommended to experiment with various smart drugs. Talk to a healthcare provider about possible combination of drugs. Here are the common nootropics combinations and what to expect from them.

L-Theanine and Caffeine

Caffeine is popular for being an energy- and power-booster while L-theanine for its ability to improve mood and focus. The combination of these nootropics allows L-theanine to help in reducing or eliminating the effects of caffeine like nausea and jitters. Those who want to enjoy the benefits of this combination can choose to take green tea.

Choline and Piracetam

Choline is contained in alpha GPC and citcoloine. Piracetam is known to increase memory, improve learning and heighten focus. And because piracetam causes headaches, mizing choline with it helps in dealing with the headaches. Also, choline helps in boosting memory and cognitive performance.

Oxiracetam and Aniracetam

This combination is said to improve the benefits of the two nootropics. It offers benefits such as elevating mood due to aniracetam and boosting memory because of oxiracetam. But, it is important to remember that only experienced users of nootropics should use this combination.

Piracetam, Alpha GPC and Noopept

The combination of noopept and piracetam unleashes the best of them. Noopept offers effects like reversing or protecting the brain’s cognitive damage. And piracetam allows users to experience an improvement in cognitive performance. Meanwhile, alpha GPC is the combination’s source of choline that helps in minimizing or treating headaches that may be caused by racetam.

The point of combining nootropics is to amplify the benefits of various compounds. Therefore, those who feel that the combination is not working for them must stop it right away and considering trying something new. And those thinking of making their own stacks despite being new to nootropics must think about buying the stacks online. This allows them to just enjoy the benefits without putting in the hard work. Check in the internet to read about information on the subject of nootropics and their stacks. Your research will lead you to numerous choices. But make sure to read customer reviews first before buying the stacks.


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