With dust and other pollutants increasing day by day, we can see visible dirt on ceilings and walls. This dirt clearly shows how unclean our house is. The worst part about it is that it is really hard to reach. It’s common to find dirt getting accumulated in places where it’s not easy to reach. With the help of the right vacuum cleaner, even these places can be cleaned easily.

Advanced Cyclonic Dust Collection Technology

For cleaning the dirt on walls and ceilings, you would have to purchase the best vacuum cleaner in India or a vacuum cleaner that has cyclonic vacuuming technology like Kent Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner. Here is how advanced Cyclonic Technology helps in dust collection from walls and ceilings.

Vacuum cleaners that come equipped with advanced cyclonic dust collection technology can easily scoop up debris and dust from any surface. These cleaners suck the dust from the air by creating a fast spinning vortex of air. Centrifugal force is used for separation of dust and other particles and all this is collected in a cylindrical bin in the vacuum cleaner. The vortex of air is powerful enough to suck the dirt from hard-to-reach places as well and as walls and ceilings.

Strong Suction Force

Other than cyclonic dust collection technology, a strong suction force is also required for efficient cleaning of walls and ceilings. You need to ensure that your vacuum cleaner is set to the strongest suction force setting. The maximum airflow should be greater than 1.8 cubic meters per minute and the maximum vacuum pressure should be more than 21 kpa. The vacuum cleaner that you use for cleaning walls and ceilings should also have a lower dust discharge or else whatever you clean would get accumulated somewhere else. So, check the vacuum cleaner specifications before buying.

Use Long Telescopic Tube and Power Cord

The longer the cord, the farther you can take the vacuum cleaner from the plug point. This allows you to reach far-off walls and ceilings without frequently changing the power socket that the vacuum cleaner is plugged into. The telescopic tube is a stable and sturdy tube that is attached to the vacuum cleaner at one end and to the brush at the other end. This is also equally simple. The longer the tube, the farther the vacuum cleaner can clean. But you should also know that if you fix a telescopic tube that is too long, the suction force would be lowered and cleaning won’t be efficient. Therefore, try and choose an adequately sized one.

Don’t Use a Vacuum Cleaner That Makes Noise

You would mostly be in close vicinity of the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, a loud vacuum cleaner would annoy you more than the dirty walls and ceilings. If you really want to stay hygienic, then you should go for a cleaner that makes low noise. The noise should be less than or equal to 78dB (A). This way, you can be sure that you don’t get a headache every time you try to clean the walls and ceilings.

To clean the maximum dust and other pollutants from the ceiling and walls, you don’t need to lift the vacuum cleaner up. You just need to use the brush and the tube that is attached to your cleaner. The brush should be the basic one that comes attached with the cleaner. You don’t need any fancy brush. Keep the vacuum cleaner at an elevated surface to reach the ceiling. You don’t need to lift it in any way. Just ensure that you take the above points into consideration and you are good to go.

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