Traditional cigarette smoking has been connected to almost every know strand of cancer we’ve encountered. It is safe to assume that the vast majority of people choose to smoke out of addiction rather than choice. Secondary smoke also poses a considerable amount of problems, smoke that is emitted from traditional cigarettes is extremely harmful when inhaled by non-smokers. When you think of a better alternative, e cigs come to mind.

Breaking the Habit

Any smoker will tell you that breaking the habit is unbelievably challenging, nicotine is an incredibly addictive substance that won’t let go that easily. But, there are other ways to gradually reduce your intake up until you have reached a point where you can stop completely. A considerable number of people try to quit smoking every day but very little are successful, most stop for a period of time but eventually relapse. Some of the main methods used to stop smoking include:

  • Electronic Cigarettes
  • Nicotine Gum
  • Replacement Therapy
  • Medication
  • Cold Turkey
  • Nicotine Patches

Electronic cigarettes help in the process of weaning yourself away from nicotine, unlike other treatments such as going cold turkey. Nicotine is a very powerful substance that causes people to become addicted to smoking, if you completely quit taking it rather than gradually lowering your intake, you’ll find it very hard to resist the temptation. This is the main reason why so many smokers relapse.

Less Harmful Than Traditional Cigarettes

Cigarettes contain numerous harmful chemicals that you won’t find in e cigs. Although smokers find them pleasurable, they often forget about the harm they are causing themselves with each pack. E cigs are less harmful that conventional cigarettes and some people use them without nicotine, they enjoy the flavours you can smoke rather than the addictive qualities of nicotine.

But, there are some products you should avoid which have been known to cause harm to users. There are several websites online explaining which e-liquids to avoid, most are dedicated e cig providers who like to educate their consumers about issues such as popcorn lung. These suppliers only stock approved e-liquids which have been cleared of specific, harmful chemicals.


A lot of fires are caused by people incorrectly discarding cigarette butts in homes, businesses, and outdoors. They are highly flammable and if they come in contact with dry, crisp material they can ignite a blazing inferno that can cause unbelievable damage to property and in some cases take people’s lives. E cigarettes don’t produce smoke, nor do they operate off an open flame. They are powered by a lithium battery, the same battery’s which power electronic devices such as smartphones.

There are several key benefits to using electronic cigarettes over traditional cigarettes. When it comes to safety, e cigs are far better to use than cigarettes. You won’t easily start a forest fire using a device powered by a lithium battery. E cigs also help smokers to break their habit by allowing them to control nicotine consumption, so switching to vaping is a positive alternative.

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