Invisalign are the invisible braces or plastic aligners to correct the mild dental alignments. Since they are made up of transparent material, they the first choice for adults and teens. They are also the way to correct the dental alignments without altering the natural smile. Implants dentist Toronto provides you the best treatment for the dental problems. There are different types of Invisalign available to correct the dental issues: Invisalign Express and Invisalign Teens

Let us understand them in detail.

Invisalign Express

Invisalign Express is the most common types of Invisalign used for teeth straightening issues in the majority of the patients. They are made of invisible material and they straighten the teeth on a gradual basis. You can see some noticeable results in six months of time. Invisalign Express is used to treat problems of crowding teeth, gaps between the teeth and crooked teeth problems.

How Invisalign express is better than regular Invisalign?

As the name suggests, the Invisalign Express models show results faster than the regular Invisalign devices. Invisalign Express show results in 6 months of time whereas, regular Invisalign show their effect in a range of 12-18 months.

Invisalign Express takes an impression of the teeth and then, aligners are fitted to the teeth. There is no need for permanent adjustments like regular Invisalign which otherwise, require permanent adjustments since the position of the teeth change.

You will be surprised to know, that Invisalign Express is much more economical in cost as compared to regular Invisalign. However, you need to visit your Implants dentist Toronto for a couple of sessions to track the progress of the treatment.

Invisalign Teens:

As the name suggests, Invisalign Teens is a device created especially for teenagers. To sort out the issue of self-consciousness among the teens, Invisalign Teens comes in transparent material and you can remove them at different times.

The device is like Invisalign aligners but, in case if any of the pieces are lost, there are several replacement pieces. In Invisalign Teens, the aligners are removable.

Invisalign Express and Invisalign Teen: What is the similarity and difference between the two?

While both Invisalign is made up of plastic and transparent material and both are removable, there are some differences between the two:


Invisalign Teens are best suited for teens only while, Invisalign Express can be used at any age. In Teen devices, you find some replacement aligners also.

Invisalign Express takes only 6 months to show the results whereas, all other Invisalign aligners take 12 to 18 months to show their effect.

Invisalign Express is recommended for those having less severe orthodontic problems whereas, with Invisalign aligners, the results are much better in severe case.

Both Invisalign Teens and Invisalign Express should be used for less severe orthodontic cases. If all the problems related to the position of the teeth cannot be solved by them, then you should opt for traditional braces.

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