Your eyes are a prominent feature of your face and along with expressing a great deal of feeling and character, they also make a powerful statement about who you are.

For example, we often mistake someone for being sleepy or disinterested based on how puffy or saggy their eyes look. Over and above this, the eyes are one of those features that can easily give away your age.

The eyebrows and upper lids greatly affect how your eyes look, so once they begin to sag, it can change your entire appearance. There are a number of reasons why this can occur but it can be treated. So, how do you decide which procedure you should be speaking to a plastic surgeon such as Dr Zurek from Kogarah about?

The Brow Lift – Is It Right for You?

Brow lifts are ideal for those looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles across their foreheads and around their eyes. An endoscopic brow lift is the least invasive and only requires a small incision. A temporal brow lift requires slightly larger incisions along the temples and is often paired with eyelid surgery for optimal results. A coronal brow lift involves making an incision along the full length of your brow and is used least often. Brow lifts are designed to reduce the effects of overworked facial muscles, leaving you with a smoother, more relaxed appearance.

Eyelid Surgery – Is It Right for You?

If droopy eyelid skin is currently your main concern, eyelid surgery is a better option. Excess fat deposits under the eye can also be addressed with lower eyelid surgery. While addressing droopy skin is the main objective of eyelid surgery, it can also improve the appearance of eyelid wrinkles. If the levator muscle is also causing the eyelid to droop, it can be shortened at the same time that excess skin is removed, leaving you with a rested, alert appearance.

Deciding on a Procedure

Both of these procedures treat different areas of the eye using completely different techniques. However, both procedures are designed to rejuvenate the eye area.

Basically, a brow lift focuses completely on the eyebrows and the surrounding muscles, while eyelid surgery focuses on the skin and muscles of the eyelid. Both procedures will require an incision and may involve skin excision, muscle augmentation or both.

Along with addressing sagging skin, both procedures will improve your skin tone, smooth out lines and furrows and open up the eyes.

The only real way to determine which of these procedures is going to provide you with the results you’re hoping for is to schedule a consultation with a reputable surgeon who specialises in both types of surgery.

Patients should be prepared for the fact that more than one procedure may be required to achieve their desired result. If you are feeling nervous about whether or not the surgery will improve the appearance of your eyes, you could consider using anti-wrinkle injections to temporarily test out the results of your surgery, brow lifts in particular.

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