The Kettlebell Revolution Weight Loss Product is an exercise program produced by Turbulence Training Review Author Craig Ballantyne and Turbulence Training Review Certified Trainer Chris Lopez. Of all the Kettlebell Weight Loss systems available, Chris Lopez’s product is the only person that utilizes the famous Turbulence Training Review approach to training.

Who’s Craig Ballantyne?

Craig Ballantyne may be the author from the Turbulence Training Review weight loss system and it has been printed in top fitness publications for example Mens Health, Mens Fitness, and Oxygen. His best selling Turbulence Training Review system helps thousands and thousands of people all over the world lose weight fast within the comfort of your home.

Who’s Chris Lopez?

Chris Lopez is really a certified Turbulence Training Review instructor and also the author from the Kettlebell Revolution for Weight Loss system. He’s combined their own understanding of Kettlebell Training using the Turbulence Training Review system to build up an amazing weight loss system proven that will help you enhance your body within the comfort of your home.

Lets review a few of the benefits and drawbacks of the program:


You don’t need to consider an hour or so-lengthy kettlebell class or hire an costly Kettlebell trainer. This technique will highlight how you can perform every single Kettlebell program securely and effectively. You will save a lot of money whilst getting incredible workouts!

You just need one Kettlebell. I understand from experience many people which are a new comer to Kettlebell training only purchase one Kettlebell to begin. You might want to purchase more Kettlebells while you progress and obtain more powerful, but you don’t need to purchase a complete group of Kettlebells to create the program meet your needs.

The workouts just last 15-twenty minutes. So you are not just saving lots of money, but you are also saving considerable time. If you are much like me and live an active lifestyle, than the others work outs are absolutely invaluable! Imagine getting out of bed each morning, obtaining a 15-20 minute workout, and merely happening regarding your day without getting to bother with visiting the gym.

This technique is supported by the trust and support of famous home fitness coach Craig Ballantyne. So Chris Lopez is not some random trainer attempting to push another fitness program. Craig Ballantyne wouldn’t partner track of someone if he didn’t have confidence in working out program itself.


The only person drawback is that you’ll want to buy a Kettlebell if you don’t get one already. However, this can be a small investment when compared with all of the costly home gyms which are going swimming. And honestly, a Kettlebell is 20 occasions more efficient than the usual Dumbbell.

Additional Benefits:

Workout at anywhere and anytime together with your Kettlebell. Even when you are a weight journey, you can easily place your Kettlebell inside your trunk and fitness in a random rest stop. Don’t be concerned, nobody will stare. Even when they are doing, so what! You will be fit!

Kettlebell Revolution is dependant on time-tested concepts of Turbulence Training Review. Chris Lopez has utilized his unique mixture of Turbulence Training Review Kettlebell workouts to assist his clients lose weight quicker than every other trainer’s clients at the health club. In a nutshell, you realize this technique works.

The Main Reason Why you need to Buy the Kettlebell Revolution Weight Loss System:

Of all the advantages of this technique, there’s only one good reason which i personally love this program – You can aquire a great workout and really achieve results with only a couple of minutes each day, three days per week! I really like fast, intense workout, and Chris Lopez’s work outs are certainly fast and intense.

The Kettlebell Revolution Weight Loss System is fantastic for…

Busy experts who have little time for you to workout

Busy moms who wish to stay fit despite a busy schedule

Students have short time, space, and cash to workout

Average Joes who would like to get fit in your own home without visiting the gym

Overweight people who are fed up with boring workouts that do not produce results

What You’ll Get:

The fundamental package incorporates:

The Turbulence Training Review Kettlebell Weight Loss Training System Workouts

The Turbulence Training Review Kettlebell Revolution Quickstart Coaching Guide

The Kettlebell Workouts For Ladies Program

This $203 value is up to you just for $57!

But, there’s another, bigger package you are able to grab. The luxurious version has:

The Kettlebell Revolution Abdominal Training Exercises for six-Pack abs & Flat Belly

The Kettlebell Diet Guide and seven-Day Diet Plans

The Kettlebell Muscle Mass Building Workouts

Turbulence Bodyweight Training Hotel Workouts

The Advanced Turbulence Training Review Bodyweight Workout

Hybrid Kettlebell Training by Zach Evan-Esh

The Ten-Minute Kettlebell Circuit Plan

This $692 value is up to you just for $97!

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