First of all, a 2009 Japanese study found that obese people lost significant amount of body fat over 8 weeks. And these people consumed one or two tablespoons of vinegar daily. Most noteworthy, the acetic acid in vinegar produced proteins that, in turn, burned fat.

Another way moderate exercisers rid belly fat is drinking 3 eight ounce cups of green tea while exercising. Most relevant, consuming green tea with catechins enhances exercise-induced loss of abdominal fat.

Finally, a study in the American Journal of Physiology found jogging 12 miles a week helps you lose belly fat. In fact aerobic exercise burned 67% more calories than resistance training.

The first two examples are just some of the ways your diet is changed to one that helps you rid of belly fat and one that is healthy for your body.

Another way is to increase your activity level by doing aerobic exercises like jogging and walking. And, if you are able to, strengthen your muscles. Incidentally, the greater the muscle mass, the more fat gets burned, even when resting. Also, ensure that you get adequate sleep and are stress free. Moreover, if you haven’t done so yet, stop smoking. And reduce your alcohol consumption. Most of all, persevere with your goal, because it takes time to lose belly fat.

Finally, instead of just one or two methods, find room for many in your lifestyle. The infographic showcases these general methods for reducing belly fat.

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