Nutrients play an important role to maintain the health of your skin. Your skin needs vitamins, protein and fat to retain its smooth and healthy texture. Besides nutritious diet, regular cleansing and toning of your skin will help maintain its glow.

Many women think that toners are harmful for skin and it is meant only to prevent oily skin. Especially, the alcohol smell might not be appealing to you. Alcohol and ethanol work as drying agents, which means facial toner is good for oily skin. However, not many know that a toner contains antiseptic ingredients, humectants, water, glycerin, witch hazel and rose water.

When you stay outside for a long time, your skin is exposed to dust, pollution and UV rays. This damages your skin layer and makes it prone to skin problems and acne. That is why to protect your skin, some extra care is needed. Before going to bed at night you need to use certain beauty products to take care of your skin.

Toner is the most important product to use before bed time. This is a must for all those who are particular about their skin care. A skin toner should be a part of a woman’s makeup kit. Toner is beneficial for skin –

  • When you apply toner with the help of a cotton ball, it shrinks the pores thereby preventing the dust particles from entering the skin.
  • It wipes away all extra oil from your skin, which is seen due to open pores.
  • Since our skin is acidic in nature and has a pH balance 5 or 6, when we use soap, its alkaline nature neutralizes it then your skin has to work hard to make it acidic again. Therefore, a good toner is recommended for your skin.
  • It tightens the gaps in cells and closes all pores thereby block impurities from entering the skin.
  • Humectants in toner help in moisturizing skin.
  • It helps in preventing ingrown hair since it contains, glycolic and many other alpha hydroxyl acids.

Initially, toners were meant only for oily and greasy skin to unclog pores and prevent dirt from penetrating. However, now toners are made of high quality ingredients keeping in mind different skin types. Thus, next time when you avoid buying a toner, remember that your skin needs a product that helps in clearing grease, dirt and grime.

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