Anti-Viagra, the latest drug that can treat premature ejaculation is expected to be a big thing in the future in the health sphere. Promescent is the FDA approved medication capable of preventing premature ejaculation. It is revolutionizing the treatment for this condition which affects almost every man at a certain point in life. For more visitくすりエクスプレス.

Medication for Treating Premature Ejaculation

Till date, impotence drugs such as Viagra were quite into business for the pharmaceutical companies while treatment for premature ejaculation is ignored to some extent. However, presently, many steps and measures are taken for treating this condition of men. The CEO of Absorption Pharmaceuticals, Jeff Abraham has launched Promescent. This is a spray which will be available at the counter only. for more visitベストケンコー.

To him, it is really amazing that no other renowned pharmaceutical company has yet launched any rival product. While giving a statement to CNBC, he said, ‘How can these billion dollar companies in the ED space not come up with a product?’

Composition of Promescent

It makes use of lidocaine, one pain medication for reducing the sensitivity of a man so that he is able to perform for a long time. It is expected that, in the current year the sale of this drug will rise to $1.5 million, and in the coming year, it will further rise up to $4 million. Study has proved that this drug has also become popular amongst those who are not subject to this disease of premature ejaculation. According to Mr Abraham, this drug has an extreme recreational component. For more visitユニドラ.

Natural Remedy for Treating Premature Ejaculation

Don’t you want to go for such medication? Well, it is not an issue. There are natural herbal remedies that can treat your problem in the best possible way. No need to take resort to medication. These remedies will not only solve the medical problem but also are healthy for your body.

  • Take nutrient-rich diet and eliminate foods that have a high sugar and carbohydrate content. Almond milk is the best drink which you can have every morning to get the best results. This milk has low content of fats and high content of protein.
  • Another herbal remedy to overcome premature ejaculation is ginseng milk. It has healing properties and the capability of reducing inflammation of any kind. Ginseng can effectively give relief within a very short period of time.
  • Ashwagandha, the ayurvedic herb, is another herbal remedy to treat this medical issue. This elevates libido of a man and maintains his sex life. Using Ashwagandha with milk is, in fact, a healthy way of controlling this ejaculation problem.
  • Castor oil is another type of oil that can be used for treating this problem of men.

Neither only taking medicine nor following the herbal remedies can help you. You need to keep your body fit and exercise regularly. Doctors and other health experts can guide you in the best way in this process. New medications are been introduced from time to time. Bothe option of medication and herbal remedies is open to you. What you choose completely depends on you.

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