Did you know that millions of smokers could actually live longer by switching to electronic cigarettes and ditching smoking? But the question is how much longer can you live by compromising the favorite thing that you think you can’t live without? As per a new study from Cancer Center of Georgetown Lombardi, around 7 million smokers who quit smoking tobacco cigarettes or even reduce smoking could live 86 million more years (combined) as compared to all those who didn’t quit.

There was another research published in a journal called Tobacco Control which was the first to model the health outcomes which were based on a hypothetical situation where usage of cigarettes were replaced by shisha pens over a period of 10 years. Do you feel intrigued about using shisha pens instead of smoking? If answered yes, take a quick look at https://www.buyv2cigs.co.uk/best-shisha-pen-uk/ for more details on the devices.

Quit smoking to live longer

Are you someone who wishes to quit smoking altogether? If answered yes, vaping can assist you with this entire process. Electronic cigarettes let you control the level of nicotine which you inhale and this slow process of curbing down the use of cigarette can shower you with few withdrawal symptoms and in the same way nicotine patches do.

Being a smoker, you will agree to the fact that smoking also has a psychological element and hence when you switch to vaping, you can still enjoy the sensation of smoking without having to inhale the smoke from tobacco. If you wish to move away from the smell and taste of tobacco, you will also have a choice of a wide array of e-liquids from which you can choose. They not only taste good but they also smell good as well.

E-cigarette benefits – Are there any disputes?

While the life-saving benefit of electronic cigarettes that were studied in an experiment were promising enough, it will hardly be the last word in an ever-growing debate regarding the harms and benefits of electronic cigarettes. On the contrary, the American Lung Association didn’t wish to comment on this kind of research. However, they’re affirmed previously to a website that they don’t support the claim that electronic cigarettes are safer than conventional cigarettes.

On the other hand, there are several other advocates and researchers who said that e-cigarettes are safer. Smoking cigarettes remain one of the biggest preventable health risks. Among the long-term smokers, 2 among 3 will prematurely die due to the illnesses associated with smoking.

Therefore, if you’re someone who has been wondering about switching to shisha pens to lengthen your life, take into account the above listed points.

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