Convection heating quickly became the preferred method to apply heat to dry herb or concentrates in the past couple years. This fact is mostly due to the fact that convection heating is more efficient and therefore allows for a longer battery life, and also because it’s nearly impossible to transition from vaping to combustion when it comes to convection. A common issue people have with conduction is that there’s a fine line which is sometimes crossed into combustion territory, and that’s exactly what you don’t want when you go out of your way to buy yourself a vaporizer to take advantage of the health benefits. Regardless, some companies continue to make very impressive vapes utilizing conduction heating, and the Magic Flight Launch Box is definitely one of the best vaporizers you can get under 200$ for this very reason.

Magic Flight’s been around for a long time and for just a small price of 120$ they deliver a stellar device. Besides the technicalities of it, this vape in particular is world renowned for its beautiful aesthetic. These pretty little Launch Boxes are made in the United States out of hand carved walnut wood for a gorgeous and natural look to contrast with the modernity of vaporizing cannabis. It’s often considered as the best vaporizer for any hippies out there.

Enough with its physical appearance though, because there’s much more to it than that. This vape is incredibly unique in the way it functions and brings an old-school feel to using it as well as its design. First of all, a glass mouthpiece ensures great flavor and the length of it is enough to give some time for the vapor to cool down before you inhale it. The way you use it is pretty simple but requires just a tiny bit more effort than you might be used to with more tech-focused models. The Launch Box comes with a battery which you only insert into a port on the side of it when you want to vape. Simply stick the battery into the port and hold it in there to produce heat directly onto the ground up herb you pack into it. When not in use, simply recharge the battery for next time. Magic Flight even provides two batteries with each purchase of a Launch Box, and to make a great thing even greater, they uphold a lifetime functional warranty. Yup, even if you’re the one that’s clumsy and somehow breaks your vape, you can ship it off to them and they’ll send you a brand new one free of charge, so there’s some food for thought.

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