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Every single year, millions of individuals from all walks of life and various age ranges learn that the cause of their pain is linked to arthritis. Its effects range from mild annoyance all the way to complete disablement. All of the side effects that are tangentially related also tend to become more severe with time, and there are a myriad of variations that behave in a number of different manners.

Regardless of your personal ties to arthritis, one of the most pressing concerns is the obvious quest for relief. The medical world has longed struggled to find any sufficient cures or treatments, and every known option thus far has varying degrees of success. The battle is far from over however.

With the ongoing surge of acceptance for marijuana and cannabis as a potential medical asset, there have been a wealth of developments regarding one particular extract known as cannabidiol. You’ve likely seen it referred to as “CBD” in passing. As of now, there are a number of health benefits linked to the compound. Fortunately for sufferers of arthritis, pain relief is right at the top of the list.

The Hesitance Of Marijuana

Marijuana naturally carries a lot of negative stigmas, as does anything even remotely related. As such, you may have a lot of concerns regarding the prospect of using CBD oil to treat your arthritis. In reality, the experience will likely be quite different from whatever you may be expecting. The psychoactive compound of marijuana is THC, none of which enters into the mix when it comes to CBD oils.

As such, taking CBD oil with the aid of payment from The Southern Institute does not cause any degree of intoxication. It won’t alter your mood or personality in any fashion. Even if you’ve dedicated yourself to a devout life free from recreational drug use, you can proudly use CBD without feeling as if you’ve broken your streak.

Furthermore, there is no link to CBD oil and addiction. Much like marijuana as a whole, there is no way for your body to develop any level of dependence upon the primary compound. This alone marks a distinct advantage over prescription painkillers, many of which can easily lead to addictive behavior and an entirely new set of problems.

Offering A Powerful Second Option

One of the primary benefits of CBD oils is that they offer a worthwhile second option for anyone that hasn’t had success with their prescription medication. In some cases, there’s only so much that can be done with vitamins, healthy eating, Epsom salt, and massage creams. You will likely spend far less money in the long run, and there’s no need for approval from a doctor. CBD oil can be legally obtained through a wide variety of online shops. If marijuana is already legal in your state, you may even have a local cannabis store to peruse.

How CBD Oil Can Help Manage Your Symptoms

Whether you have rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, or any similar ailment, there’s sure to be a distinct level of pain that follows. Swelling and stiffness also tend to follow suit. These problems can severely affect mobility, especially among the elderly. A number of dangers and risk factors open up from there. It can be excruciating on every level.

Fortunately, CBD has a profound effect on how your body processes and deals with pain. As the compound works itself into your system, it manages to bond with your natural pain receptors and gradually provide a sensation of relief. The result is the same whether you elect to take the oil topically or orally. Once you have the cannabidiol in your system, each affected pain receptor will be vastly less sensitive. In some cases, this can cause a complete feeling of peace. At the worst, it can at least make your arthritis symptoms more manageable.

Knowing What To Choose

When you first venture into the world of CBD, you’ll likely find that there are a wide variety of different products. As of now, there are capsules for oral consumption, sprays, powders, and oils. The capsules and oils are perhaps the easiest to incorporate into your daily routine. Your particular form of arthritis and level of pain may determine which variety is best. You may want to consider consulting with a general doctor that’s open to alternative forms of medicine, or at least take the recommendation of a cannabis shop staff member.

Potential Side Effects

As the saying goes: nothing is for everyone. In some rare cases, CBD oil has caused a few mild side effects. Some of the most notable include a vague sense of lethargy or apathy, slight insomnia, anxious feelings, nausea, and grouchiness. Most of these have only affected a small margin of individuals taking CBD however. If the possibility of any of these changes worries you, fret not. If you start with smaller doses than recommended and then gradually work your way up, you’ll give your body the best chance to acclimate to the compound.

Proceeding Carefully

On the same note, you shouldn’t take on CBD oil with all cylinders firing. A degree of caution is ultimately for the best. It’s important to understand that there are currently no regulations or FDA approval. A number of scientific studies have backed up all of the claims found in the paragraphs above, but our understanding of everything the oil can accomplish is still relatively new. There’s nothing to suggest any danger in taking CBD, but make sure you treat it responsibly. Even if you have a particularly nasty flareup of pain, it’s important never to exceed your recommended dosage.

With that said, the effects of CBD oil treatment for arthritis should be clearer. All of the findings among the medical community thus far are truly promising, and the surprising number of health benefits seem to pile on more and more each week. Sometimes things that feel too good to be true are actually worth exploring after all. If you’re sick of your day to day life being dictated by the symptoms or your arthritis, there’s a strong chance CBD oil could finally give you the upper hand.

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