You may have come across the term podiatry. However, not all people would be aware of the job profile associated with the term. Podiatry is an arena of medicine that deals with providing adequate treatment and management of patients suffering from foot, ankle and lower leg conditions. The clinic where such practice is carried out would be called podiatrist clinic. The doctors serving in these clinics would be specialised in dealing with foot, ankle and knee conditions. They would be carrying specialised knowledge and understanding of the lower part of the body, especially the feet, ankle and knee.

What is the speciality of a podiatrist?

A podiatrist has acquired specific knowledge and training to handle special cases pertaining to the lower limbs of the human body. They would be able to treat an array of foot and ankle conditions. It would range from minor problems such as corns to major conditions or injuries such as fractures. When searching for a reliable podiatrist, you should log on to

Arranging a consultation with podiatrist

When it comes to arranging consultation with a podiatrist, you should consider the following points.

  • Arranging an initial consultation

During your initial visit to the podiatry clinic, the podiatrist may carry out initial examination. It would be helpful in gathering information about the history of the patients. At times, the doctor would recommend some additional diagnostic tests in order to confirm MRIs and x-rays for seeking confirmation on the precise foot condition. They would provide you with the most suitable treatment plan.

  • Regular visits to the podiatrist

The podiatrist would look out for newly developing complications or changes that may occur in the foot. Based on the changes present, they would change the course of treatment. There may be cases where patients would be required to make single visit to podiatry clinic for treatment of fractures and ankles surgically. Most podiatrists would offer a second opinion to patients before starting the treatment plan. On the other hand, several clinics would offer complementary medicine options for treatment of chronic conditions.

Diabetes foot care treatment by podiatrists

The podiatrist would be the best person to provide treatment for patient’s foot and ankle condition. The podiatrist would be a better option for doing foot, ankle and lower leg surgeries. They would also provide state of the art non-surgical diagnosis, treatment and medicine for all kinds of foot and ankle conditions. The podiatrist would be certified to provide special foot care for diabetes and treating foot conditions through reconstructive foot surgery.

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