Patients seeking breast reduction surgery want to address a change that has occurred in their physical appearance due to genetics, weight gain or pregnancy.

If you’re currently experiencing health and wellbeing issues due to large breasts and are considering a breast reduction, you’re probably wondering about the best time to schedule your procedure.

What to consider before scheduling your breast reduction

There are a number of factors to consider before scheduling your breast reduction procedure, including:

The state of your health

Large breasts can result in a number of negative health issues such as migraines, numbness and tingling in the hands, back and neck problems and difficulty exercising. The moment these types of symptoms begin impacting your health and quality of life, it’s time to consider breast reduction surgery.

Your family goals

Some studies have shown that the results of breast surgery tend to last longer when performed after a woman has had children due to the fact that pregnancy will change the shape and size of the breasts. This doesn’t mean that younger women shouldn’t have a breast reduction though, it simply means that there’s a high chance that you will need revision surgery after your pregnancies.

The natural maturity of your breasts

Dr Andre Safvat is a breast reduction specialist and won’t generally schedule this type of surgery if the patient is younger than 18. This is because the breasts may still continue growing if they haven’t fully matured. In extreme cases though, breast reductions can be performed on girls younger than 18.

Your weight

Since weight fluctuations can affect the size of your breasts, it’s important for patients to reach a stable weight before they consider a breast reduction. If you’re planning to lose weight, it’s best to do so before you schedule your surgery to reduce the possibility of requiring revision surgery.

Recovery time

Like most surgeries, you will need time to recover after your breast reduction. Before you schedule your surgery, think about the time it will take to recover so that you can plan accordingly. This means that you will need to be able to take time off of work and arrange additional help if you have children that need to be cared for. Scheduling your surgery around holidays will make things easier and require you to use less of your leave days.

Planning for any type of plastic surgery is a process and it’s always a good idea to consider all factors and possibilities before you set a date for your breast reduction. Take the time to learn everything you can about the procedure and consult with at least two or three surgeons before you make a final decision. It’s incredibly important to choose a surgeon who you feel completely comfortable with and who has the necessary skills and experience to perform your surgery successfully. Ask as many questions as you need to during each of your consultations so that you have as much information as possible.

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